Bermuda that didn't get enough sun

Tree stumps

  • There are still some stumps that need to be grinded. Please call a stump grinding company to have these removed.
  • You may have to ask the gas company to mark the lines to ensure your safety.
  • Remember, if you want to cut down a tree, you need ACC permission and the City of Kennesaw.

All crab grass

Bermuda without weeds or crab grass

Tips for your home


  • It's also a great time to paint the white trim around your doors/windows, mailbox black, and add a fresh coat of paint (or 2) on your shutters and doors.
  • Remember, if you change the color from the original color, you need ACC permission.

Flower beds

  • FALL is a great time to pull weeds and grass, lay mulch and plant fall flowers in your flower beds.
  • Remember, if you change or modify your beds from their original size or structure, you need ACC permission.

Bermuda with crab grass and dead spots

Weeds  (especially crab grass)

  • Please treat all weeds throughout year to avoid violations. The fall is the time to treat your yard for crab grass!  Weeds and crab grass are the biggest violations in Northgate.
  • Only Berumda and Ziozia grasses are permitted per the covenants. Please contact the Heritage if you are having a hard time growing grass.
  • In the winter months, when Bermuda is dormant and your yard should be brown. Round Up can be applied to crab grass and weeds and it should not harm the Bermuda. There are also natural products such as vinegar and baking soda that may also work.

Pressure washing

  • Make sure that your house is looking it's best! Pressure wash your home, driveway and side walks.
  • There are many companies and handymen in the area.
  • Home Depot also rents pressure washers.


at Legacy Park

Lack of Grass

  • Sod is the quickest and best solution. As the original trees have grown, the bermuda isn't getting the sun that it likes.
  • There are many local nurseries and sod companies in the area that offer shade tolerant TifGrand Bermuda. Make sure you have top soil down so the grass has something to "stick" to. Sand also works well!
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